Monday, April 6, 2020


And the depression started, as expected. That shouldn´t been surprise to no one, but the way it triggered most likely was. There's winner and there is losers, no matter what is the situation and where you belong right now depends what you've done before, what you will be in the future depends how you act now and in the future.

There is still ppl that think that government should do more and they rely on that. Well, I think it will be a rude awakening for you! And it is not the government that is responsible for your well being,
it is your duty. It has always been that way and it will be that way in the future.

It is not the rich to blame for your situation, they have worked their way for the better future and you should do the same. Please, don't get me wrong, this pandemic is terrible situation for all of us, but like in every situation, but you are financially exactly where your sum of actions have taken you.
If you have just one source of income, you're living in the edge. I hope you don't lose that income source.  I've been writing about that so many times and certainly hoped that you've been taking notes. And, now you have to remind yourself, what is the more important things than money.
I always hear that money is not the most important thing in life, I'm sure that you have heard that as well.. and you know what, it isn't!

The health and family is more important. So stay safe, healthy and after this pandemic, there will be better times for sure. Work your way up and see the unusual opportunities that unusual times brings and make sure that you belong the winners group in the future.