Friday, November 8, 2019

Choose wealth.

You choose to be rich. It is your duty to become rich and sin to be poor etc.
There is a lot of sayings about the wealth, money and how to get it.
And most of them are true!

After all, before you can start to invest and become wealthy, you do have to have prosperous mindset. If you win in a lottery and you don't know how money works, you will most likely lose it all in no time.

I've heard an example of the power of the mind explained in a way, where you compare a ship with a crew and a plan and it will almost in every case go as planned finding it´s way to the right harbour compared to the ship without the crew, plan or the rudder.

So you have to have a plan, without a plan, you are like an boat without a rudder, you just end up where ever. The same goes with you and your plans. And by plan, it is not enough to wish more money or wealth, nicer car. Those are what almost every one wish.

Those who have read my previous writings...
By the way my Ferrari is green, not red! ;)

"People who have goals succeed because they know where they're going.
It´s that simple" -Earl Nightingale

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Osinkokuningas said...

Sure thing! Earlier I chose to save more money, now I make less money and spend more :D