Tuesday, January 7, 2020


It ´s a new year but at least my goals are pretty much the same. Made few promises to myself, but kept everything simple. So my goals for the year twenty, twenty is that I will resume my investing no matter what are the circumstances. Try to get at least one new MSI and keep positive. That is very important, with negative thinking all you get is negative results.

There is also this one number; 100k.
I will have 100k investment assets in year 2020.
Not on paper, but in the real investments, on assets. Many ppl would already count my assets more than that, but they do it wrong. After all, I don't want to fool me!

I have helped many ppl to start investing, and I am going to keep on doing that.
After all, everyone have to want to change. All I can do is to help them to change.

What I have noticed most of them struggle with the same beliefs. They think and concentrate on things like; I've born poor, or I am not educated enough, the government this and that and so on... And it is natural, but stupid. So stop right there!

Nothing in the past doesn't have determinate our future. What happened, happened. It is what you do about it. No one else limiting thinking doesn't have to become our reality. Government is what it is, not much we can do about it, but there is something we can do and that is the way we act and do, if I only had more time, you have all the same time time that everyone else. There is a 24h on everyone's day, no more, no less. So please, stop limiting yourself right now!

You can change whenever you want to and by changing,
everything will change to you.

Without change you will get what you always had. Next five years will be pretty much the same as the last five. Change what doesn't work and keep doing what works.
Work on your goals and dreams and make a plan or work for the someone else´s dream like so many of us do from pay check to pay check through their lives.
Happy year 2020 to you!

"The only free cheese is on the mouse trap"

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